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Visit to RM REAL Center

December 3, 2010

Last month I took my class to the RM REAL Centre in Oxfordshire
to experience the ‘Classroom of the Future’ today.

The children were excited to go as they knew that it was Steve Forbes, from RM, who had given us the iPod Touches and that they would be meeting him.

When we arrived the class thought they had arrived in the land of their dreams! Every time they turned around they saw yet another awesome piece of technology more exciting than the last.

The RM Centre isn’t just about technology though, it also has the latest innovations in furniture and learning spaces.

The boys particularly loved the chairs shaped like puppies and also thought the ‘non-tip’ chairs’ were a great idea as they are often being told to stop leaning back in theirs and thought this would be the solution to that problem!

The children broke off into groups trying the different areas and things within them. One group worked on making a Stop Motion video (link to be added soon). Another group acted like Roving Reporters and used a special sound proof Pod to do podcasting. I wish I’d had a chance to use it as it reminded me of the Cone of Silence from the original Get Smart series.
The third group used the iMacs and were incredibly impressed with how easy they were to use.

It was very interesting to see how quickly the children worked out how to use various technology and how they were able to give ideas about how many of the things they saw and tried could be used back in the classroom.

Thank you very much RM for the opportunity to visit your Research Centre and I would recommend it to others as an interesting and informative day out.

Click HERE for thank you letters to RM.

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