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Designs and Recipes

February 3, 2010

On Monday, one of the organisers of the Wii-lympics came to work with us in class. We began to look at two of the roles which will make up the final presentation: the PR Manager and the Dietician.

The PR Manager’s job is to design an outfit for their athlete to wear when playing their sport. The outfit needs to be comfortable, safe and include the school colours. The children thought about the ways to combine the colours and materials. Using paper to represent different fabrics each child made a sample of an outfit and designed logos for it. The children will later choose one of the designs to sew into a real outfit.

The Dietician’s job is to know about the main food groups and produce a food diagram for their athlete. They also need to create two recipes for their athlete which contains the essential foods to keep them fit and healthy.

The children made posters of some of the ingredients that they might use in their recipes as well as ways to cook and prepare the food. All decided that they would not be frying the food.

Everyone enjoyed the morning; working hard, producing great work and best of all really working well together.

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