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Using the iPod Touch in unexpected ways.

May 8, 2010

We have been using the iPod Touches in class for just over 3 weeks and I can hardly imagine not having them. I had planned on using them in a number of ways in the curriculum but the children have suggested using them in ways I hadn’t thought of!

Generally speaking there has been a significant improvement in the children’s behaviour in class and the way they respond to one another. This may just be a coincidence but long may it last ;o)

Due to the very nature of the children I teach there still has been the odd ‘moment or two’ where one child or another has become angry and has had difficulty managing their own behaviour. The iTouches have again played a significant part in helping them calm.

One child, who was having a ‘difficult’ day and came in from a playtime very angry, used the iPod Touch app Fluid as a calming activity. Essentially it’s a liquid water simulation which responds to your touch and generates ripples and little waves in response. There also is Zen music which plays quietly in the background. Being able to put earphones in his ears helped block out other sounds in the classroom and he was able to calm himself quickly.

Another good ‘calming’ app is Bubble Wrap. Not quite as rewarding as the real thing, in my opinion, but the kids seem to love it!

In a Maths lesson earlier this week I wanted the children to generate 2 digit numbers by rolling dice and then finding what number they need to add to this to get to 100. I had put dice on the tables (which always seems to cause all such excitement!) when a child said ‘Why don’t we use iChoose It’s an app that has, amongst many other things, dice. No dice flying off the table or getting lost. (It also has Rock/Paper/Scissors!!)

All of these apps are free and, so far, do not seem to have any advertising associated to them.

I would love to hear how other people are using an iPod Touch in the classroom.

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