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Using 2Create a Superstory

January 19, 2010

At BETT 2010 I was lucky enough to have been able to take away an approval copy of 2Create a Superstory from 2Simple.

As with all their other software, it is very intuative and EXTREMELY simple to use. The layout is similar in all their software which allows children to quickly be able to work with it with very little instructions.

My class felt extremely special as not only were they the first to use the programme but they were also allowed to use my personal laptop as it is the only one with the software loaded.
(It’s amazing how long one can hold one’s breathe!)

We were all very impressed with how quickly their work went from a ‘normal’ Word doc. to being ‘published’ in an online book.

I really think this will be a real motivation to their writing and anything that encourages reluctant writers sounds great to me. I also love the ease in embedding it into Fronter/MLE pages. Now to convince the powers that be.


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