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Please don’t take my Wii away

March 8, 2010

To give the children a focus for further developing their persuasive writing skills I posted on the IWB a note which said that the head did not think using the Wii in class was a good idea and that it served very little purpose and did not provide opportunities to exercise.

All would have been fine if either 1) I had shared what I was planning with the head or 2) she had not decided to visit the class that session!

What was planned as a writing activity became a Speaking and Listening one instead and quite heavy on the Speaking side.

The poor head had no idea why she was bombarded with every argument under the sun on why the Wii was an excellent project to use in the class and how it provided not only exercise but opportunities for the children to develop their socializing skills.

I am glad that we had spent some time in a previous lesson really focussing on the need to be polite whilst trying to persuade someone to our way of thinking!

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