I am a teacher at a special school for children with Social, Emotional and Behaviour problems (SEBD) and I teach years 5 and 6 (10-11 year olds).

I love hearing about and using new technologies to inspire children to learn.

The greatest compliment paid to me by a child was, “Miss, you trick us into learning.”
Here’s to ‘tricking’ more of them!

The views expressed in this blog are my own and are not those of my school or employer.

Thank you for visiting and please leave a comment ;o)

11 Responses to “About”

  1. Charlie barrow Says:

    Great to see your name when looking through learning without frontiers site. Fantastic stuff going on in ceders from the look of your blog. Exciting and inspiring.

    • ebd35 Says:

      Thank you Charlie for your kind comments. It has been great fun AND exciting trying out new ways for both me and the class.Was looking at your Past Projects on your website…..Hampton Court, Brentford CLC…..Have our paths crossed?

  2. Jacob Klein Says:

    Hello Ms. Farmer,

    Would you like to try out our fractions iPod Touch game, Motion Math?


  3. TM Says:

    I have just been enjoying reading your site :o) I am using iTouches in school and I was looking for contacts with whom to share ideas/experiences/tips etc

    You can get a taste of some of the work I’ve been doing at these sites here:


    It would be great to connect with you so we can share ideas etc


  4. Sue Raven Says:

    I need help in this field . Can I e mail you with some details ?

  5. Geraldine Says:

    Hi, I am a student teacher researching technologies to use in the classroom.

    I had my doubts as to how beneficial ipod touches etc. could really be in the classroom, but you have converted me.

    Great blog, keep up the good work.

    • ebd35 Says:

      Hi Geraldine, I’m glad that you found the blog useful. I think that using handheld technology can be a huge benefit in motivating children in the classroom but I also believe strongly that it is not the tech itself but how the teacher uses it that makes it work.
      I would be interested in hearing more about your research.

  6. Peter Miles Says:

    We are UK based software publishers with apps for young children @magmentis and @stormeducation (science) and would be pleased to supply examples

  7. sinead Herlihy Says:

    Hi Mary- We were in contact via twitter today- apologies for not answering one of your questions but am a bit wary of confidentiality etc of pupils- I have witnessed other teachers provide a bit too much info on twitter so I am reluctant to do it just in case! Dunno if you d like to explore our classes communicating with each other- its just an idea. We often do Facetime with an older similar class and the boys love it (am in a boys’ primary school) – we use facetime fo texting too. Anything to get them writing!!!!!!!!

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