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My Class Are Blogging!

September 21, 2011

The new academic year has got off to a great start! though if you have ever worked with EBD children you know you should NEVER, EVER say things are going good as this guarantees things to change quickly…so sssshhhhhhh don’t tell anyone I’ve said this! ūüėČ

Last year I watched on Twitter how the hashtag #100WC kept popping up. What it refers to is the brilliant 100 Word Challenge which is a weekly writing prompt supplied by Julia Skinner (an ex headteacher) who is a great advocate of blogging and, even more importantly, of comments left on blogs.

Every week a few words or maybe even a picture (like it is this week) is posted on her blog and children, 16years and under are invited to write 100 more words on their school blog based on this prompt and it is then linked back to The Head’s Office. This way children’s writing is shared with even more people. The one strict rule is that you must visit other entries and leave comments to help other children improve their writing.

After watching from afar I decided to jump in and have my class start a blog and become contributors to the 100 Word Challenge.

 We have called our blog Adventures in Oak Class and are using it and the new #100WC11 every week in class as an opportunity for writing and it is truly writing for a REAL purpose and a REAL audience. The boys are already showing greater confidence in their writing and this is after only two weeks!!

What is really awesome is that every week Julia Skinner¬†chooses three posts to showcase as examples of writing and….WOO!HOO!¬†one of my boys has had his post highlighted! They will all be so pleased.

I really encourage people to visit the 100 Word Challenge and to leave comments for all these fabulous young authors from around the country.

Have you left a comment yet? 100 Word Challenge

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