A Werewolf Story by Lee and Freddie

I would like to share a story created and narrated by Lee during morning play on Friday. I used my iPhone to record the story as he told it. In the background you can hear other children playing.

During lunch play Lee and his friend Freddie stayed inside and as they listened to the recording they discussed what they should draw. It was fabulously to sit back and watch two children who often find the writing process difficult work together to plan how they would present Lee’s story.

They were hugely excited when I told them I would turn the work they did into a movie. Later in the afternoon we again used my iPhone to take photos of their pictures and import them into iMovie.

I imagine they will be very pleased with the end result.

Working with these two boys made me think that next term I may introduce a Story Creating club to run during our Friday afternoon Clubs.


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19 Responses to “A Werewolf Story by Lee and Freddie”

  1. Jackie Maclean (@jaccymac) Says:

    A super story boys! Great illustrations too! What are you going to write about next?

  2. john johnston (@johnjohnston) Says:

    Hi Folks,
    Nice story, I particularly like the way the drawing show the change between man and werewolf. I also love the atmospheric howling, very spooky!

  3. mattyevans Says:

    Wow boys! I am so impressed! I loved the story – it was really atmospheric and the sound effects really added something special to it. I also thought the pictures were really well drawn – you worked really hard to get them just right. You should be very proud of yourselves – Well done!!! Keep writing – I can’t wait to watch or read your next story.

  4. bevevans22 Says:

    Excellent work! This story is really brilliant boys – you really need to write more stories for people to enjoy. I liked the subject you chose: it really went well with your illustrations and, because I was watching it late at night, I found it really spooky too.
    I hope you continue to come up with story ideas and record them because I would love to hear more.

  5. Andrew Hall Says:

    Your werewolf story was fantastic! You must have worked hard at getting the pictures right. The sound effects really added something to your story. I read your story in the dark and my knees were knocking.

    Can’t wait to hear your next story!

  6. Caroline Breyley Says:

    What a great story and I love the way you tell it! The drawings and the words work so well together – very well done to you both!

  7. Karen Bentall Says:

    Boys, I have not heard any of your work before but this short narrated film was splendid. The pictures you drew were perfect for the scarey plot you described. I wonder what happened to the werewolf next?
    I look forward to seeing more of your work šŸ˜‰

  8. Mrs JD Says:

    Wow ! Your fabulous story has cheered me up this evening. You sound like you are really enjoying your Literacy work. Brilliant illustrations too šŸ™‚ Well done ! Hoping you create some more stories to share with us !

  9. Mags Amond Says:

    Great story guys, like the way you match the pictures to your voice… No wonder your teacher is so proud of your work.

  10. Miss Hocquard Says:

    Wow! Lee and Freddie you have a fantastic imagination. Your illustrations work perfectly with the story. I can’t wait for the second chapter to this story. What is going to happen next?

  11. Ross Mannell Says:

    Hello Lee,

    This is an absolutely wonderful story. I like the artwork and the way you tell the story.

    Welll done!

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  12. Searching for the Light Says:

    Wonderful story, Freddie and Lee, and so beautifully illustrated too. Waiting with bated breath for the next instalment. šŸ™‚

  13. Maggie McClymont Says:

    What a great story teller you are Lee and how lucky to have a friend like Freddie to work with you on the illustrations which made your story even spookier. I hope you will be writing the next chapter soon as I really want to know what happens next. Great job guys!

  14. Mrs Clarke Says:

    Great scary story and fantastic illustrations. I loved the wolfy howls. Well done both of you.

  15. Mrs B Says:

    Boys, what a great story with superb illustrations and wonderful sound effects. I hope you write some more in this way.

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    […] Adventures in Learning in an EBD Classroom « A Werewolf Story by Lee and Freddie […]

  17. classroom_stories Says:

    Sounds a brilliant idea, well done to the boys!

  18. TeachMeet SEN « Sheffield South CLC Blog Says:

    […] Mary Farmer (@ebd35) showed some great films made by a couple of boys in her class who really don’t like writing, but loved telling a story to accompany their drawings – using an iPhone to record the audio and take photos of the drawings, then putting them together in iMovie. These can be viewed here. […]

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