Naace Impact Award Nomination

I was absolutely thrilled and honoured to hear that I have been shortlisted for a Naace Impact Award in the category for Supporting Inclusion in any phase.

How YOU can help…..

If you could please leave a quick comment about how this blog has had an impact on you; how it may have given you ideas of apps to use, ideas to try in your classroom…or anything else you may think of  I would really appreciate it!

This is because….As part of the final judging process
all shortlisted nominees are being invited to submit a short edited video (of no more than 3 minutes) – perhaps working with their pupils or colleagues – which demonstrates the impact of the work that you’ve done.  Please note that entries will be judged on the basis of impact rather than video quality.

My PLN has been incredibly helpful and supportive to me and I would really like to include in the video that I make any impact my blog or tweets may have had on others.

I know that many people have said how they have tried some of the ideas from this blog and tweet and found them useful.

If you prefer you could even send an audio or video clip to  or else just tweet me. I am @ebd35 on Twitter

Thank you very much to everyone who has taken the time to read this!

Mary aka @ebd35


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6 Responses to “Naace Impact Award Nomination”

  1. Karen Says:

    This teacher inspires you with her positive response, you feel her enthusiasm running through all she shares. Over time shes shared resources and ideas for challenging pupils and ways to use ICT some of which as a head ive been able to pass to other staff.

  2. ebd35 Says:

    Thanks Karen, Glad you have found some of the ideas I’ve tried useful. I would love to hear how some of your teachers have used them.

  3. Janette de Voil (@Janetteww) Says:

    You have shared your ideas with all of us for years now. You are always ready with suggestions and new ideas for implementing with the whole range of children. I have read your blog and this has inspired to do similar things with my own class. We are making gloop this week!
    Listening to you on Saturday was inspirational and made me feel guilty that I don’t do more with my SEN children.
    Thank you EBD

    • ebd35 Says:

      It was lovely to finally meet you in real life. I hope you didn’t feel guilty as I know from following your twitter and forum comments how hard you work for your class!
      Glad you tried some of the ideas….would love to hear how the Gloop goes….be prepared for mess!

  4. Catherine Elliott Says:

    I love reading this blog as it gives me lots of ideas for when I work with EBD pupils – very useful as I am not an SEN specialist, but work with schools to support the use of new technologies. As a result of this blog I’ve discovered some great news app (Make a Martian, and Puppet Pals). The most striking post recently – and I had the fortune to hear you speak about it in person at TeachMeet SEN – was about the Werewolf story created by your pupils. I’ve done a lot of work with animation and film-making in the past, but sometimes forget that it’s not about complicated sets and flashy software, simply about the storytelling. The joy those two boys felt at seeing their work is worth so much, and it inspired me to do more of that kind of thing in future.


    • ebd35 Says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comments! I’m glad the blog gives you ideas to try out.
      I really think that through people using the tech in sometimes the more simple ways the impact can be pretty impressive ;o)

      Nice to have met you @ TMSEN12.

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