Can’t Hold Them Back!

As my Deputyhead said, she wished everyone could have seen the excitement on the faces of my two guest bloggers, Lee and Freddie, as they watched their Werewolf Story on the big screen (well…on the Interactive Whiteboard) for the first time!

They kept looking at each other with the biggest grins; it was truly one of ‘THOSE‘ teaching moments. And when I read them the comments that were left for them, they gave up trying to sit in their seats and jumped up and down!

A HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to comment.

For both of these boys to have told their Werewolf story through traditional ways might have been a bit like this for them: 

but instead by using a little technology it was a bit more like this:

Today Freddie and Lee ‘wrote’ their second story. For this story the boys drew the pictures first and added the narration afterwards. Freddie is telling the story and if you listen closely you can might hear some of the sound effects Lee is creating.

We hope you like it as much as the first one.



8 Responses to “Can’t Hold Them Back!”

  1. Ross Mannell Says:

    Freddie and Lee,

    Your pictures and story is amazing. You’ve even used sound effects. That is incredible.

    Well done!

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  2. Julie Johnson Says:

    I love the excitement in your voice as you tell this story! It really adds to the mood of the story and the pictures. Well done!

  3. Julie Johnson Says:

    By the way, I intend to show your stories to my Gr. 7/8 class here in Canada this week. I think they need a reminder of how exciting creating and communication one’s ideas can be! I intend for us to leave a comment here as a class so check back! I will send your teacher a tweet to let you know! 🙂

  4. Karen Bentall Says:

    Super work, love the illustrations and sound effects. You sounded so excited when you told the story, I hope you feel very proud of it too!

  5. Julie Johnson Says:

    Here are some comments from my students:

    Scout says: hello good job Freddie & Lee!
    Megan & Boston: good job , keep up the great work!
    Elizabeth: very good and impressive, good job, don’t stop!
    Megan: good job you guys, its awesome, keep going! Great enthusiasm!
    Devon: the drawings were awesome!
    Joanne: you were very creative and keep up the good work!
    Kurtis: great cool story!
    Schuyler: I wish I was that good!
    Jared: cool story bro, tell it again!
    Andrew: don’t stop believing!
    Camilo: hello, your work is cool!
    Katelyn: keep up the good work! Keep making stories!
    Jesse: That was awesome!
    Mark: good job!
    Travis: keep it up!
    Connor: cool story bro, tell it again!
    Andrew: can’t wait til the next story!

    Thanks so much for sharing your work on line!

    From Mrs. Johnson’s Gr. 7/8 class in Ontario, Canada

    • ebd35 Says:

      THANK YOU for your fab comments for Freddie and Lee! I will show them what you wrote tomorrow (Friday) and I’m sure they will be soooo impressed and happy!
      Thank you and your teacher for showing all of you their work.

  6. Freddie Says:

    Thank you all you lot for reading me and Lee’s story. We will make a new story up soon. I think it will be called “The People Trying to Get Away From the Black Hole”
    The Black hole will go into people’s houses and eat them!
    Bye for now

  7. Night Zookeeper Says:

    That sounds very scary indeed Freddie! Very good job on the Aliens come to Earth story you wrote and illustrated. I enjoyed watching the video. I could really sense the enthusiasm in your voice, this will interest your audience. Keep up the amazing story-telling. I think you are doing an awesome job!

    Night Zookeeper

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