Puppet Pals app

Last week I showed my class possibly the best app I’ve used in ages: Puppet Pals. It is available for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. The free version comes with Wild West backgrounds and actors and with the paid version you get many other scenarios such as pirates, fairies, monsters, farm setting and fairies. You can buy each extra set of actors for 59p each or else buy the Director’s Pass which gives you all the extra actors and scenes. You can even make your own!

It is fabulous for storyboarding, character writing, speaking and listening as well as for just brilliant good ole fun!

Here’s a video one of the boys made independently after just a fairly basic introduction on how to use it.

What do you think of his work?

The film was made in three separate sections and I used iMovie to combine them into one video.

Here are some by the other boys:

QR code for app (iOS)


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22 Responses to “Puppet Pals app”

  1. bevevans22 Says:

    Very cool! Good work! After you showed this app to me a little while back I went home, downloaded it and have also been using it. Pupils love it and just let their imaginations go with it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Danny Nicholson Says:

    That’s excellent 🙂 Well done!

    I’m now off to check out the Puppet Pals app for myself!

  3. Damien Quinn Says:

    Great work everybody. Can’y wait to get our new iPods so I can download this app. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ban Ryan Says:

    You are all such ‘cool dudes’ ! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. allanahphoto Says:

    I have the app as well and I was looking for an export feature and couldn’t find it. Am I being dim? I bought a few extra scenes as well. Very powerful stuff.

    Would love to be able to share the finished movies like you did.

    • ebd35 Says:

      Sorry for not responding sooner! Somehow missed your question 😦 Do you not have an option ‘export’ in your saved shows? This then exports to your camera role and you can then sync with computer. I used iMovie to edit the chspters together. I think you can also export to your YouTube account.
      Would love to see what your class produce!

  6. Stephen Reid Says:

    Excellent work. Fantastic app. The accents are hilarious. ‘I want my money’ and ‘oh no, the screen keeps changing’ in Southern/Western accents. Well done. Excellent stuff. Blazing Saddles and Young Guns shot down by these guys.

  7. The Magic Touch « TechnoStories Says:

    […] character sets to extend the use of the app even further. My friend @ebd35 blogs about it here and every teacher I’ve shown it to has been able to see the potential to develop its use in […]

  8. Mr Mike Elliott Says:

    Going to download it now 🙂 thanks

  9. sparklespeak Says:

    Hot dang! That first cowboy’s accent was mighty fine.
    Terrific work. Could be a great app for MFL teachers too.

  10. Janice Youl Says:

    We are going to use this app with ESL students and iPads as a way of encouraging speaking.

    • ebd35 Says:

      I haven’t had a chance to use on the iPads yet…but will soon! PuppetPals is one of those apps that are so simple to use but produce such polished outcomes! I’m confident that it will motivate your pupils to speak as the fear of being ‘on-camera’ is removed. I look forward to seeing what your class do with it. What age group are they?

      • JordanB Says:

        You may want to consider the app “Sock Puppets” to accomplish the same thing. The app has more custumization and will automatically “lip-sync” the puppets, making them appear more realistic and animated. Kids LOVE IT!!

  11. Hayley Edmunds Says:

    Is this available for Blackberry or for PCs?

  12. carly Says:

    so cool fun app for all ages

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    […] blog, Adventures in Learning, gives a detailed and more thorough explanation as they have used it with their students with great […]

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