The Martian Story continues…

In a previous post called What Comments Would You Say?, I shared a story that a boy in my class had written. After posting it here a number of fabulous people (thank you!) left comments. I shared these comments with my young and now ‘famous’ author (well at least in the eyes of our school) and he was truly impressed as were his classmates.

Click on the Martian for the next installment of The Martian Story by Alfie… he hopes you enjoy it ……as do I!!

Martian Story updated

(image from the iTunes Store)

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6 Responses to “The Martian Story continues…”

  1. Jan Pringle Says:

    What an imagination!

  2. Mrs Banks Says:

    Thank you for cheering up a dismal morning for me! I love your style! Are you planning on a 3rd chapter? I’d love to read what comes next!

  3. Alfie (the author) Says:

    3 weeks ago I would not even pick a pencil 3 weeks later we had made storys I wernt so confident but in my past I had made storys but thought my talent was wasted when I saw the comments you gave my first paragraph I thought I will give it a try and yes there will be a third chapter if you want one and there will many more storys…

  4. Vanja Says:

    Fabulous Alfie, well done to you! I’m loving your Evil Dave adventures and your fantastic sense of humour! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  5. ebd35 Says:

    A huge thank you for all the comments. My class LOVE to read them.

  6. More Martian Stories « Adventures in Learning Says:

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