Comments INSPIRE!!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all who left comments for my class about their Lune poems. I showed them this blog 1st thing this morning. Most of them had not seen the Lune poems turned into a video as they had been at an away football match yesterday (They won!!!) so after reading what I had written about their writing I showed them the video. They wanted to see it over and over again to listen to theirs and each others work.

and then I started reading the comments………they were SO pleased…truly beaming faces!

Some of the boys were keen to write a comment back and then WOO HOO!!!! wanted to write some more Lunes…. so out went the planned lesson and a far more exciting one took place.

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So may I once again say thank you for helping to raise the self-esteem of a unique group of boys!

To create your own Lunes using John Johnston’s web app enter/or email the following url to the iPod Touch.
In order to save as a picture we needed to press the two blue arrows >>

On John’s site there is a great step by step picture that my class found helpful to start writing the Lunes.


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2 Responses to “Comments INSPIRE!!”

  1. John Johnston Says:

    Thanks again for all the linkage. I’ve fixed the problem saving lunes. Where you had to hit the >> link (Which opens the page in Safari). If the pupils have saves the app to their home screen they will need to delete it and add it again.

  2. ebd35 Says:

    Thanks very much ;o)

    Will re-install the link.

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