HOTs 2010 Final

The finals of the HOTs Wii Project took place on Saturday 3rd July at the Civic Centre.

Schools had already submitted their work in a variety of forms including photos, videos and websites and the day had arrived for the athletes to compete in their chosen sport (Cycling, Basketball, Bowling and Table Tennis)

Four of the seven boys from my class arrived full of excitement to take part in a number of Wii Table Tennis matches against the other schools which had also chosen this sport.

Tensions ran high as one match after another was played with some being won and some lost. It was great seeing ‘my boys’ show outstanding sportsmanship with one boy even telling his classmates to cheer his opponent as the boy didn’t have anyone with him!

After the matches there was a musical interlude while the scores were added to find the results of the days play in all the Wii Sports Resort competitions.

The organisors of the Wii HOTs project, Dr Jo Armitage and Sarah Hoyle (Together We Create) were introduced by the Borough’s Director of Education and medals and certificates were presented by the Mayor of Hounslow and a special guest.

Prizes were for both the matches on the day as well as for work done throughout the project.

Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded for each of the roles: trainer, dietician, PR manager, physiotherapist and of course the athlete.

For the work completed by my class they won GOLD in each catagory! Loud whoops echoed through the room as time after time they went onto the stage to collect their medals!

and then the greatest surprise of the event happened. Dr Jo Armitage took to the stage again and said that there had been one group of pupils who had been outstanding in every aspect of the work both prior to as well on the day itself. She then called to the stage the four boys in my class and they were presented with an iPod nano each for their sportsmanship and great work!

It was particularly great that their moms were there to watch them collect their prizes.

I was hugely proud on two counts during the day… one for all the fabulous and hard work that the class did and also bursting with pride as it was my daughter who had been asked to present the medals as an up and coming Olympic Rowing hopeful!

There is private view at the Watermans arts centre, Brentford planned on Wednesday 21st July between 6-8pm of all the work done at the HOTS 2010 project.

A selection of the brilliant work created by the children who took part this years HOTs will go on display at the Watermans from the 21st – 24th July.

The private view will provide a great chance to talk about this years project and share ideas for next years project, over a glass of wine or orange juice and a tasty samosa !

I can’t wait to hear about the plans for next year!


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3 Responses to “HOTs 2010 Final”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Well done to you and the boys – I would have welled up I’m such a wuss!

    These are the days we remember why we do it – hope yuo celebrated with grapes! AJx

  2. No Smoke Without Dragons Says:

    Amazing – well done to your boys. x

  3. ebd35 Says:

    Thank you both ;o) It was a great day and hopefully helped to make them realise and believe that hard work is worth it.

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