Finals Day of Wii-lympics

At 10 o’clock registration opens for the schools who took place in the Wii project to meet head to head for a competition to find the top Wii Sports Resort Champion.

Four of the boys in my class will be coming.

The children from all the competing schools will play against each other on the Wii and then at 3:00 medals will be awarded for the work they have done for this project.

Click here if you’d like to see the work my class has done.

Much of it requires you to have Flash.

I will update with the results!!!


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3 Responses to “Finals Day of Wii-lympics”

  1. MsBee Says:

    I will be watching and waiting to see how you get on! I hope you take lots of photos and videos – i am curious to see what a competition like this looks like! Good luck to you all from Ms Bee on behalf of her Super7Scoopers who are on holiday in Dunedin, New Zealand!

  2. Mandy B Says:

    Good luck to everyone taking part today. I am sure you will have loads of fun.

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