Update on The Wii Project

If you were at Games Based Learning Conference 2010 in London you may have heard Dr Jo Armitage, adviser for e-learning in Hounslow, speak about the Hold On To Sport project (HOTs2010).  Click here to watch her presentation and  here to see the slides of her presentation.

It was in order to enter this that I first started the Wii project with my class.

I received an email earlier this week with an update on the HOTs Project.  The great news was that it was now officially a London 2012 project!

Over 20 schools from across the borough had taken part from Primary, Secondary and Special schools and submitted entries for the first stage of the HOTs competition.

The judges are now looking at the work submitted and in each category: physio, trainer, dietician and Public Relations, bronze, silver and gold prizes will be awarded.

The last part of our project will be the HOTS Big Weekend running across the 3rd and 4th July at the Civic Centre in central Hounslow. At the beginning of the project each school had to select a team of athletes. These athletes will compete against each other during the Big Weekend on Nintendo Wii’s to win prizes for the best virtual gamer in the Borough. As Jo has said, “It looks to be a fast, furious and fun weekend!”

If you would like to view some of the entries submitted you can see them here. You can also find out more about the competition, their partners and how you might be able to get involved next year.

If you’d like a direct link to the work my class has submitted then click here.


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4 Responses to “Update on The Wii Project”

  1. bevevans22 Says:

    Wow! Excellent stuff!!! You children obviously enjoyed the project and really worked hard to produce all the items they did. Well done to them (and you)!!

  2. Karen Says:

    What a great project well done to all the pupils for their enthusiasm and hard work.

  3. Marc Faulder Says:

    As you know from our chats at #tmsen12 I’m very passionate about games based learning, and this use of the Wii is incredible. There is so much talk on the Internet which defines GBL but little has been posted about its use with children. This blog has really helped to strengthen the need for teacher’s to use today’s gaming hardware in school. The work you have done is amazing, what a fantastic topic and with the Olympics coming this year, this should be huge in classrooms! Thanks for sharing.

  4. ebd35 Says:

    Marc, coming from you this is great praise indeed! The boys REALLY enjoyed the project and I feel it really impacted on their attitude towards writing and also gave them a real purpose to learn about the different genres and when and how to use them.
    Happy to show you some of the planning that I did around this if you’d like.

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