Smiley Sight Words

I just came across an app called Smiley Sight Words (59p) which looks great! Many of the sight word apps have Dolch and Fry lists which are the lists used in America but this app also has lists for UK words broken into 10 levels each with 100 words. Level 1 words are the first 100 high frequency words such as: a, about, up, they, you and it goes to Level 10 with words such as according, ashamed, consequence, proceeded.
As well as these lists there are also lists of number words, colours, and names of shapes and you can also create customised lists.

You are able to set up to 5 players, each with their own level and you/they can choose an avatar from the 5 smiley faces on offer or you can add your own picture/avatar. Great if you don’t have 1:1 iTouches.

The child says the word aloud, checks it by touching the word, then they give themselves a thumbs up for correct or a thumbs down for incorrect.
There may need to be an adult to supervise until the child understands the need to be honest in their self-marking. I must say I have found that myclass are quite honest but this may have a lot to do with their knowing that their iTouch will be removed for a set period of time if they cheat!

When they have finished playing/learning they press the progress button and are given the option to save their progress in the photos section of the iTouch. This picture can then be emailed and printed as a record of assessment.

I look forward to trying it with the class next week!


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