Review of iTouch Apps by my class

My class wrote reviews of their favourite iTouch apps on their MLE/Fronter pages. I thought I would share them here.

We have iTouchs in our  class. We use them for learning and sometimes we use then for fun. There’s a game called Angry Birds. You have to pull back the sling shot and let go to fire and you have to predict were the birds are going to hit the other birds.

I’ve been using the ipod touch lately and have been playin lots of apps so it is so cool. I really like to play pop math.  It is a maths game that you put a number to a maths question and if you’re right the maths question will disappear. Then you just finish the rest. Another  app is fluid. It can really calm well (relax). It plays a type of dusk music and then you tap the screen and water slowly, calmly splashes like a small puddle.

In Oak just last week we got ipod touches which helps us with our work and sometimes  miss lets us go on games. My favourite game is Touch Pets and  my favourite maths game is Pop Maths.

If you are angry there is an app to calm down. We also have Touch Pets for free time. Sometimes we have Pop Math for Math.

iPods are so cool. They have apps for when you are angry. When you feel like this you can use a calming app. One of them is called FLUID. You use your finger and rub the screen and it makes kind of an enchanting sound.

The game that I love is LET’S GOLF That game lets you connect to the people all around the world and people who are in the room with you.

Also you can play a good game called Angry Birds it’s fun and its a science Physic game because you have know where to hit the enemy’s buildings.

We use the iPod touches for learning and there is a particular game which I  like called Pop Math. In this game there are bubbles and inside them are maths questions which you have to match with the answer. A game I like to play on the iPod touch is Angry Birds, where you catapult birds at structures to knock them down. I really like the Fluid app, it helps you calm down, it’s really smooth. I think iPod touches ROCK!!!!!


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5 Responses to “Review of iTouch Apps by my class”

  1. Mark Warner Says:

    Thanks for these reviews everyone. I have six iPod touches in my class, so it’s really nice to get some opinions from others who are using them in school too. Keep up the good work!

  2. senorcalvo Says:

    Great comments there. Very interested in seeing how you are using these. We have a set in school and are just about to start using them. Glad you are enjoying them and i look forward to reading more of your thought.

  3. ebd35 Says:

    Thanks for the comments. This is what some of ‘my boys’ wanted to say back to you:

    Thanks for reading our reviews. (T)
    When you start using your iTouches you will think they ROCK! (J)
    Thank you for your comments. (A)
    Thank you for looking at our work. (J)

  4. John McLear Says:

    Great reviews, sorry it took me so long to get around to reading them!

  5. ebd35 Says:

    Thank you John. Hope you enjoyed reading them.

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