The iTouch in Geography

I have tied our Geography unit to the FIFA World Cup 2010 …. with a class of 7 10-11 year old boys and a football mad TA anything else would have been madness!

They will be learning about each of the 32 countries participating as well as South Africa itself. by focussing each week on one group at a  time.

For each country they will use their iTouches to find out information such as: colour of flag, primary language spoken, capitol city, continent it is on, where it is on a world map .

We started this topic last Friday and looked at Group A: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France.

This was the first time we had used the iTouches as a research tool rather than just using the apps.

It turned out far better than I ever expected.

We used resources from a site I heard about on Twitter, International Sunderland Schools, which has loads of World Cup resources and is well worth a visit. Particularly good are their minibooks. Click here for an example.

To find the correct colours for the flags I used a brilliant resource from Bev Evans (refresh the page if it doesn’t load properly 1st time as her site is being flooded with visitors…. and so it should)

She very kindly sent me a spreadsheet activity which came with picture files of each participating countries flag on a ball.

I have saved these images on each child’s iTouch in the Photos folder. They had to match the shapes and designs from the black and white booklet to find the correct colours.

They then used the free app World Wiki to find out at least three facts to share with the others. (A few problems have been found with this application for example UK countries not listed seperately)

The children found some of the facts facinating, for example that South Africa had ELEVEN official languages and THREE capitals.

I can’t remember a lesson with more work focussed converstations.

Really looking forward to Group B this week!


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4 Responses to “The iTouch in Geography”

  1. bevevans22 Says:

    Fantastic stuff!! That link with the mini books is fabulous 🙂 and it’s nice to know the Communication 4 all resources are useful!

  2. ebd35 Says:

    VERY useful!! Thanks so much.

  3. ssclc Says:

    The World Countries All-in-one app might be useful too. There is a free version I downloaded, that has a factbook on all the countries, with link to full Wikipedia article if needed, plus rankings of countries in size/population etc, maps, flags and a quiz on capitals, flags or maps.

    Good luck with the project, sounds great!

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