Setting Up a Class Set of iTouches part1

I was lucky enough to take the iTouches home for the Easter break in order to set them up. The first thing I did was order some silicone cases from Amazon.

These are the ones I went for.

I have also ordered a 7 port hub for charging the iTouches but it hasn’t arrived yet.

iTunes asks for a name for each unit and I decided to name each with a number so they are called 01 iTouch to  09 iTouch. For the setting up period I created a screensaver with a pic of each of their numbers.

This really made it very easy to see which  iTouch I was working on each time.

Each iTouch has a silicone case which has its number on the back and it is kept in the clear plastic packaging case which comes with the iTouch which also has the matching number on it. The headphones that come with each iTouch have a small sticker with the same number and eveything is kept in A5 zipped plastic wallets with a sticker which has the iTouch number, the name of the person who uses it as well as the colour of the case.

This makes it very easy to quickly see if everything is where it should be.

In each pack is a notebook to use to record notes, ideas, drawings when using an app as well as an instruction sheet on how to use with reading (but more on that later).

Some of the above ideas came from or were adapted from Tony Vincent’s Learning in Hand site.


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