How we got our iTouches.

It all started with this Tweet on Twitter from @RM_London which unfortunately I missed.

Luckily though, I came across a post on PTRC forum from senorcalvo (aka @arsenalchris on Twitter). You can read his blog here.  He VERY kindly told me how he was in contact with RM (a leading supplier of educational software, computers and services to schools) who were looking for a school to take part in using iTouches in a primary classroom.

I decided to take a risk and contacted @RM_London and asked if they’d be interested in a Special School ALSO taking part and……. !!!!!!!

Steve from RM said YES!!!

On the last day of term 9 iTouches were delivered to school. It was better than Christmas opening the box!
9 iTouches!!!! One for each child!!!! THANK YOU RM!

Originally I thought they were ours to use for a set period of time but it turns out they are ours to keep! Double THANK YOU RM!!!!!!!

next post: Setting Up a Class Set of iTouches


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