Update on our Wii Project.

QUICK UPDATE: Darius Knight sent an email to say he was stuck in Spain due to the volcano disruption to flights and that he will get in touch when back in London. Woo Hoo! Hope he gets back safely.

Work for the competition needed to be submitted at the end of last term so it was a busy time pulling everything together.

When it came time to organise the work for submission I was truly impressed with the work the boys had done!

We had used a variety of online and purchased software and it was interesting how different children worked with different software.

Some found searching the internet suited their style of learning and became the researches for the whole class.

As YouTube is blocked at our school (shame) I used Zamzar to convert the videos. One boy has now used this to add video clips to his MLE page (and has remembered to put a note that they came from YouTube).

After BETT 2010 I was able to get the school to purchase the fabulous 2 Create A Superstory from 2Simple. We used this to create various non-fiction books. Due to the simplicity of its design the children were writing without any real complaints!… and the results looked quite professional.

The boys really enjoyed using Flip camcorders and became quite amazing in their ability to direct and film by the end.

We used a number of programmes from Mr Microsoft such as PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher as well as a fabulous free programme called Cute PDF Writer which lets you change any document into a pdf file by just choosing it in the print option.

We used PowerPoint templates from Communication 4 All – Thanks Bev ;o) to organise the report writing.

The videos we created were uploaded onto Vimeo and then embedded onto the class’s MLE page. I started with a free account but then decided it would be better to pay the smallish charge.

The children really enjoyed the project and surprisingly they say they enjoyed playing real table tennis more than that on the Wii…. funny not what I would have expected.

Jo Armitage, Advisor for eLearning for the Borough and Project co-ordinator presented at  Games Based Learning 2010 and her presentation was well received with great comments on Twitter. Click here to see her presentation (our class’s work starts at 20 minutes in)

At the beginning of the topic I had asked the children, individually, what they thought of when they heard the words non-fiction and put these into a Wordle. I did this again at the end and I was quite pleased with the results.

This was the first time that I truly had embraced Games Based Learning in my teaching and I was hugely impressed with the effect it had on the children’s motivation as well as how I could see the children making links as we covered the topic through a number of different subjects. I have definitely become a convert to this style of teaching and thank all those fabulous people on my Twitter and PTRC PLN who helped and encouraged me on the way!

I look forward to hearing whether the class has got through to the next stage of the competition though truthfully it was so much fun and useful that I think of them as winners already ;o)

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One Response to “Update on our Wii Project.”

  1. Dawn Hallybone Says:

    Sounds like a really great project Mary – I look forward to hearing about the next stage too – although seeing examples of the work that the children have done I agree that they are all winners too!

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