Note Taking and Biography Writing

Last week we used this TimesOnline article as our class text and to learn more about Darius Knight. We began by reading it as a whole class and highlighting new vocabulary. We then decided which bits were the most important and these notes were collected on the IWB in bullet points.

Darius’ early life touched a chord with many of them and a very interesting conversation about home lives ensued. It is during these unplanned moments that some of the most important conversations and incidental learning can take place.

The children used these notes to plan, edit and redraft their biographies of Darius Knight.  Their motivation to write was a pleasure to see.

The plan was to publish their work today but the children had other ideas……

To be continued…….


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2 Responses to “Note Taking and Biography Writing”

  1. jen kenny Says:

    Just saw this
    We are also doing biography and I really like the way you have used this article. I am going to show it to my class as well as an example that biographies can be about people still living including young people.

    It also as you say has another message about making choices that can free you from what seems inevitable. Thanks !

  2. ebd35 Says:

    Thanks for your kind words ;o)
    I also used some activities from Scholastics Plus Online: Dame Kelly Holmes Flash activity (subscription section sorry to say) a Biography Planner and this Biography sheet also from Scholastics.

    (Woo hoo first time using

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