Wii Table Tennis

On Tuesday I will be starting a project with my class of year 5/6 EBD boys using the game Wii Sports Resort www.wiisportsresort.com

The borough is running a ‘Wii-lympics’ and each participating school will be putting forward a team of which there will be a Trainer, a Physio, a PR Manager, a Dietician and an Athlete. The teams will research and produce media presentations that are specific to each role with the winning teams competing in the Wii-lympics finals in July 2010. I am waiting to hear more about the exact specifics of the project.

I then started thinking that this could be expanded and used as my Literacy unit for this half term as a means of revising non-fiction reading and writing for example recounts, reports, instructions, explanations, persuasion and discussion.

This will be the first time that I have ever used a games console as a teaching tool and I hope that it motivates and encourages my class to want to write. Everything is going to be based around the game Table Tennis and they will be learning to play real Table tennis as well as on the Wii.

I now just hope that the Wii that was ordered at the end of last term has arrived. ;o)

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